SMITH’S SOAPBOX: Ta very much, Tony – you changed British politics for the worse Plus: The week in LOLitics and extension of congratulations to Nigel Farage

May 1st, 1997. I actually remember it well. Sat on the sofa, watching a jug-eared, failed guitarist called Tony Blair walk into Downing Street after a huge landslide victory which saw his New Labour vision come to fruition. I was only four-years-old at the time and my only interests were the Spice Girls and Action […]

The Problem with Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos has come under a great deal of attention since she was selected to take up the mantle of Secretary of Education under the Trump Administration. The majority of this attention has come from the Democratic Party and has, unsurprisingly, been overwhelmingly negative. Most recently Ms. DeVos has been scathingly criticized by the Black […]