UPDATE: 22 Dead Over 50 Wounded after explosion in Manchester at Ariana Grande Concert Terrorist has been identified and named

Police have confirmed that there have been 22 people killed after a suicide bomber terrorist attack at an Ariana Grande concert at Manchester Arena. Accounts of what happened suggest that loud bangs were heard shortly after the end of the performance. Over 50 people have also been injured in the blast, which was said to have taken […]

Scholar Victor Davis Hanson Unravels ‘The Big Lie’ Surrounding The Trump Campaign And Russian Collusion

Daily Caller- Scholar Victor Davis Hanson says there’s a “big lie” surrounding the “boogeyman of Russian collusion” that Democrats and the media rally around, according to an exclusive interview with The Daily Caller News Foundation. Hanson’s analysis begins by reminding us of the recent massive Democratic losses, which he places at the feet of President […]

Former Obama DHS Official Praises ISIS For Slaughtering Egyptian Christians: ‘What Goes Around, Comes Around’

Daily Caller- A former Obama administration official at the Department of Homeland Security said Sunday that when it comes to the Islamic State slaughtering Egyptian Christians, “what goes around, comes around.” In a tweet posted Sunday, Mohamed Elibiary, who formerly served as senior member of the DHS’ Homeland Security Advisory Council, stated, “Reading ISIS’s latest […]

Kendrex J. White’s Haitian Revolution 5/2/17

It has recently come to light that Kendrex Jermaine White, the young, black man suspected of the UT stabbing that left 3 injured and one dead, posted a video in 2012 entitled, Haitian Revolution. The video, a comedic, cheaply made piece replete with music lifted from The Dark Knight Rises and Deathnote, was discovered on Mr. White’s […]

Subpoenas Were Issued To Investigate Hillary’s Blackberry Devices

Daily Caller- A federal grand jury provided FBI agents with subpoenas to inspect Hillary Clinton’s BlackBerry devices last year, court papers provided to Judicial Watch show. According to the watchdog group, FBI counterintelligence official E.W. Priestap filed a sworn declaration stating that the FBI “obtained Grand Jury subpoenas related to the Blackberry e-mail accounts.” The […]

ECU Backs Ossoff as Race To Replace Price Continues 4/18/17 by Kaiter Enless

End Citizens United, a political action comittee formed in 2015 and dedicated to combating big money in American politics, has recently decided to pool their energies into making some big bucks themselves. For outsiders who may not be very familiar with the organization this might seem like a rather hypocritical thing to do with many […]