Brexit, Trump, and the Rise of Nationalism

A vendor flies the confederate flag prior to a Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump rally in Pittsburgh, June 11, 2016.   REUTERS/Aaron Josefczyk - RTX2FOT5

Last Thursday, British citizens came out to vote in only the third referendum in the UK’s history. The simple question was asked, “Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?” Voters were given two choices, ‘leave’ and ‘remain’. To the surprise of many, leave won.

What drove many leave voters was a love for their country and a hatred of seeing it being controlled by globalist elites. Trump’s success in the political world can also be attributed to this same nationalistic patriotism; average people that love their country and want to take it back. There’s no doubt in my mind that British leave voters were fed up with the EU, and tired of not having a voice in their government. Brexit gave them an opportunity to speak and be heard. In a similar way, Trump gives a voice to conservatives that feel left behind by the establishment and the mainstream media.

I believe that the fear of seeing their country being taken over by Muslim immigrants helped push Brexit, and is what will help push a Trump presidency. The reason people are supporting closed borders and nationalism is because they’ve seen that Muslim immigrants don’t accept Western culture. Brits and Americans alike have seen headlines such as “Muslim Migrants Sexually assault 5-Year Old in Idaho” and “European Women Welcome Muslim Migrants Into Their Homes — Only to Get Raped in Return for Their Hospitality.” They hear these awful stories on the news, and ask themselves, “What is the cost of tolerance?”

As long as hundreds of people are raped by Muslim migrants, and Americans are killed by Muslim immigrants, Trump’s poll numbers will increase, and nationalism will continue to rise.

Ian Erickson

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Ian is married father with two sons that lives in New Jersey. Ian has decided to enter back into the world of news and opinion. He is member of the GOP that has worked on several campaigns from national, state and local levels. He has had opinion pieces published in local NJ newspapers such as The Star Ledger. Also, he has contributed to The John Birch Society and various other websites. He had a book of poetry published while majoring in Biblical Studies at Pillar College in NJ. The book is titled Broken. He has had his poems published in poetry journals. He has been a guest speaker at Pillar College to speak about creative writing and poetry. Ian was voted ” Most Sarcastic Person” for the state of New Jersey in 2007.