Breaking Bad UK: A New Drugs Epidemic?

What comes to mind when somebody mentions crystal meth? Breaking Bad? A trailer park somewhere in the Southern states of America? Toothless mugshots? But, here’s something totally unexpected–Great Britain.

Britain isn’t a place one would associate with crystal meth. A few years ago, crystal meth would have been extremely rare, not just in Britain, but the whole of Western Europe. Crystal meth in Europe was largely confined to impoverished areas of Eastern Europe, but, as Britain becomes more multicultural, and as crime rates rise due to the authorities’ incompetence and other factors; crystal meth has appeared on the scene.

Yesterday, a ‘Breaking Bad-style crystal meth lab’ was found in a North London park. A small quantity of the substance was discovered in a disabled toilet in the Home Office’s Headquarters in May, this year. And, the story which brought the presence of this drug within the UK to my attention, was from a case in Rotherham–of all places–as I was doing a little research on the horrific rape gang scandal which plagued this town (and many others). In the Rotherham story, the BBC reported that:

“Three men convicted of running a ‘crystal meth’ laboratory from a bathroom failed to attend court for sentencing

Mohammed Chernarli, 31, of Mary Hill Road, Glasgow, and Mehdi Esmalpoor, 39, of Farm Drive, Rawmarsh, were sentenced to ten years in jail for drugs offences at Sheffield Crown Court on Wednesday.

Nehdi Tajabidi, 32, of no fixed address, was jailed for seven years.”

In the barbaric Rotherham rape gang scandal, and in other British towns; the perpetrators, on many occasions, would ply their victims with drugs and alcohol in order to carry out the brutal rape of thousands of British teenagers.

Ex-banker, local politician, and Methodist minister, Paul Flowers, put the drug on the British map after being caught attempting to purchase the drug in 2013. The tabloids dubbed Flowers “The Crystal Methodist”.

The Independent found in 2015 that only 0.3% of drug addiction referrals in the UK were for crystal meth, indicating that it is still a minor drug. However, despite the low rates of addiction, more stories concerning the drug have appeared in recent years.

Moreover, the drug has been known to have been recently imported–not just cooked domestically–from places as far as Mexico, after a £22M of cocaine and meth was seized earlier this year.

Although addiction rates of the drug appear to be low, the increasing frequency of the drug’s appearance in the press is a cause for concern as Britain’s cultural decline and apathy seem to accelerate.


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