Black Harvard Economist Finds No Bias Against Blacks in Police Shootings

Breitbart- The research was conducted by Roland G. Fryer, who is the youngest black professor to have received tenure status at Harvard. As Fryer expected, his research revealed that police are more likely to use force towards an African-American suspect. However, in what Fryer called “the most surprising result of my career,” his research also revealed that African-American suspects are less likely to be shot in an altercation with law enforcement than suspects of other racial backgrounds.

According to the statistics used in Fryer’s study, officers are more likely to fire their weapons without having first been attacked when the suspect is white.

The conclusions drawn by this research contradict much of the narrative that is playing out in the media about police brutality. Most major media outlets have been sympathetic to the cause of Black Lives Matter, an activist movement that exists specifically to combat racially motivated aggression towards African-Americans by law enforcement officers.

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