Big Blow Dealt to Blair


John Prescott has dealt a massive blow to Tony Blair. He came out to the media yesterday and said he thought the Iraq war was “Illegal”. Prescott was the deputy Prime Minister at the time when the UK went to war in Iraq, which is deemed by many to be illegal as UN permission was not obtained. Prescott was seen as a key ally to Blair and now that he’s withdrawn his support for Blair and effectively left him to fend for himself. The phrase ‘Et tu Prescott’ comes to mind. The potential for Blair to face war crimes has also increased!

The Chilcot report came out earlier this week and was seen as a big blow to Blair as it destroyed most of the excuses Blair used for going to war in Iraq, however somehow Blair appeared to get off scot-free. He hoped that the media attention would fizzle out and focus on brexit but due to these recent developments it might appear that the media aren’t going to let go of Blair anytime soon.

Whatever your opinion on the Iraq war it’s clear, the chances of Blair faces a war crimes tribunal are still low but they definitely increased last night. This might be the straw that breaks the camels back.

Sebastian Cheek

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