Bernie Sanders Endorses Hillary Clinton for President

Clinton Sanders

Well folks, what we knew would happen has happened. Bernie Sanders has endorsed Hillary Clinton for president.

Bernie had this to say on his Twitter:

He also Retweeted a tweet from December of last year nearly admitting his campaign wasn’t about him getting elected:

At least the other candidates tried to get elected, as small as their chances were. How many Bernie Sanders supporters wishes they could get a donation refund now?

Hillary Clinton tweeted out some quotes Bernie Sanders said about her.

Hillary is happy to finally have this come to an end, which to be fair, it did before the Democratic Primary even began.

The Republican nominee had this to say about the Sanders endorsement:

As described in this article many Sanders supporters are disheartened. Some saying they want Sanders to run third-party, others saying they will vote for Jill Stein. There have been many polls done on how Sanders supporters will react. Will they flock to Clinton? Will some vote for another outsider in Trump? ( A West Virginia exit Poll done in May showed 44% said they’d vote Trump if Sanders wasn’t the nominee.) Will most try to scrape off the Bernie 2016 bumper stickers from their cars, sit at home in November and wished they could get their time and money back? Only the following months will tell the full story.