Baby Born in Chick-Fil-A Bathroom, Caught by Dad, Wrapped in Trump T-shirt Conservative baby makes a dramatic entrance!

The birth of a new baby is always an amazing event, but for the Griffin family, their newest addition decided to make a dramatic and very conservative splash into the world.


“Last night I delivered our baby girl IN THE BATHROOM AT A CHICK-FIL-A!” Robert Griffin posted on his Facebook page on July 18th, 2018. He proceeded to relate the story of this amazing birth which is so full of conservative, all American, imagery, Liberals nationwide must be speechless!

Source: Facebook

Late in the evening on July 17th, Robert’s wife, Maggie, went into labor. They piled their family into their car and rushed to meet up with some friends in the parking lot of a Chick-Fil-A, to drop off their older children with the family who would be caring for them, before proceeding on to the hospital.


Things then began to get serious. “By the time we got to the restaurant , Maggie was in active labor…” Robert relayed. At this point, Maggie felt like she needed to desperately use the restroom. It was after closing time but there were still some employees inside the Chick-Fil-A.

Source: Facebook


After banging on the window the employees agreed to allow Maggie to use the restroom. Robert helped his children into his friend’s car and kissed them goodnight.  


When he returned to the restaurant to retrieve his wife, the manager met him, “She’s in the restroom and she’s screaming.” he said.

Robert rushed into the restroom to find Maggie in a stall, over the toilet, the baby’s head crowning.  

Source: Facebook

“Sweetie, we are gonna have to do this right here, right now”. Robert calmly told her.  Robert directed the manager to call 911 and bring any clean towels they may have on hand.

Quickly the baby’s shoulders emerged at which point Robert saw the cord was wrapped around the baby’s neck. He didn’t want to worry his wife so he calmly pulled the cord from around the head as she continued to push.

Source: Facebook

Robert removed his shirt to use as a towel. Two more strong pushes and out came Gracelyn Mae Violet Griffin.  Using a speakerphone, Robert was able to communicate with the first responders before the paramedics arrived 15 minutes after the birth.

They kept little Gracelyn comfortable by warming up towels in the Chick-Fil-A kitchen. Mom was calm, baby was stable and as Robert wrote, “It all worked out, not as planned, but everyone’s healthy. Her birth certificate reads ‘Born in Chick-Fil-A’ and the hospital had me sign the birth certificate as the attending physician.”

Source: Facebook

Robert ended this amazing story by saying, “I thinks it’s pretty ironic that a proud conservative, Christian family would have a baby in a Chick-Fil-A, and wrapped in a Trump 2020 T-shirt! BOOM #maga #mywifesthebest #chickfila #texas.”