Democrats are Full of Hate

Daily Caller’s Chuck Ross reported this week that liberal Hollywood director, Josh Whedon, made pedophilia jokes involving teenage cancer survivors who met with House Speaker Paul Ryan. Whedon insinuated that the meeting with the young girls was a “wife hunt” by Paul Ryan on behalf of President Trump. Tonight on White House Wife Hunt, Donny […]

Subpoenas Were Issued To Investigate Hillary’s Blackberry Devices

Daily Caller- A federal grand jury provided FBI agents with subpoenas to inspect Hillary Clinton’s BlackBerry devices last year, court papers provided to Judicial Watch show. According to the watchdog group, FBI counterintelligence official E.W. Priestap filed a sworn declaration stating that the FBI “obtained Grand Jury subpoenas related to the Blackberry e-mail accounts.” The […]

Learning from Jordan B Peterson

The Logos A lot of media attention has been emanating from esteemed Toronto Professor Jordan B. Peterson. From his words, a cultural movement is pushing back against leftist censorship and propaganda. Peterson gives the lesson of truth, the truth. What makes him an enemy to the left is the simple fact that he voices truth. […]

Deep State For Dummies

Deep State is yet another term for the establishment, or NWO, “bankers,” or even (((bankers.)) Whatever you want to call the powers that be, they do control nearly every aspect of our lives We know the effects of fracking are detrimental to the environment, and our health. We know a lot of money is made […]

The Why of Anti-Communist Action

If you aren’t very active within the social media sphere of politics, especially the memes, you might be asking yourself, what is ‘Anti-Communist Action’? Anti-Communist Action (a parody of the well-known communist terror cell ‘Anti-Fascist Action’ or ‘AntiFa’) is a social media brand that signifies a new fast growing alliance of the right. The brand […]

Police Called For A Quran In A Bathroom

1 NBC in Dallas Fort Worth reported that campus security at the University of Texas at Dallas and Fort Worth police were called in because a Quran was in a toilet. Dallas Fort Worth is in the bottom 90% of the country’s safest cities. It’s asinine for the police to get involved in investigations such […]

More Syrian Refugees Resettling Under Trump

Daily Caller- President Donald Trump called Syrian refugees a “great Trojan horse” during the 2016 campaign, but his administration has resettled them in a quicker pace than President Barack Obama did. Since Trump was inaugurated, 1,401 Syrian refugees have been resettled, State Department figures as of Wednesday reveal. This is more than double the 625 […]

Progressive Christianity: A Parasite

There is a parasitic fungus known as Ophiocordyceps unilateralis which grows in tropical rainforests. The fungus grows and reproduces itself by attaching to the bodies of carpenter ants. The Fungus then penetrates the exoskeleton and through a chemical process changes the ant’s behavior. The ants, now unable to control their bodies leave their colonies for […]