LATEST – Attempted Coup In Turkey, Prime Minister Says

10:58 PM EST – Turkish prosecutor’s office says at least 42 killed in Ankara during attempted coup – Anadolu Agency via Reuters, AP

10:57 PM EST- Soldiers taking part in coup attempt and raid on CNN Turk being detained by police in Istanbul

Turkish President Erdogan: Uprising from ‘minority’ in military; ‘they are going to pay for this in the harshest way’


(AP) – Turkey’s prime minister,Tayyip Erdogan says a group within Turkey’s military has engaged in what appeared to be an attempted coup.

BREAKING VIDEO: Officer tells bystander: Go home, armed forces took over administration (@MustafaEdib)

US Secretary of State Kerry Had this to say (I used a translator since CNNTurk is reporting this

“stability to Turkey, I say I hope peace and continuity,”

BREAKING– My source inside Turkey has this to say:

The government is losing its grasp.
He also claims, “If the government had control over the Army social media would be shut down.”

Another source in Turkey claims this may be staged by Erdogan:

This might all be staged by him; a final game to get the support to secure the presidency he wants. Still madness what we’re watching this Friday night

BREAKING-Group called The Turkish Peace Council claiming to be behind the coup.

BREAKING– Our Source claims bridges going from Turkey to Europe have been shut down. Only way to Europe now is allegedly by boat.

Sky News reporting that a Bomb hits Turkish Parliament in Ankara, according to state-run Turkish news agency

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