Arian Foster To The Dolphins

Former Texans running back Arian Foster has signed a one year deal with the Miami Dolphins worth $1.5 million dollars with up to $3.5 million in incentives. “They’re a young team, a hungry team,” Foster said after the Dolphins officially announced the signing. “[They have] a lot of talent on both sides of the ball. I think they have the right head coach and the right people in the front office. They’re all committed to winning there.”

This move could wind up to be a good one for the Dolphins, low risk high reward type signing. Didn’t give him a lot of money and is a pro bowl player when healthy. That is the biggest question mark with Foster is his health, he is a 4 time pro bowler and is an elite running back when healthy so hopefully he can stay healthy and help out the Dolphins and win some games.

Sal Traina

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