UPDATE: Antifa Riot and Assault People in CA; Plan to “Disrupt” in NYC at Gavin McInnes Event Aftermath of event includes arrests, pepper spray and possible law suits

I am sure you have seen the videos of antifa (anti fascists) act like Communists out of Stalin’s Russia, shut down free speech with violence, and assault people. If not, see for yourself.

That was last night. Tonight in New York City Gavin McInnes of The Gavin McInnes Show on Compound Media is holding an event at NYU’s Kimmel Center at 6:30pm EST. New York Antifa want to shut down this event.

If the disgusting actions of the antifa in Berkeley are any indicator, this will not be peaceful or simply a very active and vocal protest. Antifa and other leftist groups affiliated with them have a history of violence that is rarely condemned by most left-wing organizations and left leaning media.

There is a petition that was just started to label antifa a terrorist organization. I do not know how far that will get, but, this rise in violence initiated by leftist agitators will only garner an appropriate response from the people they are assaulting. I pray that the bloodshed stops before then but the trajectory shows otherwise.

These left wing morons didn’t react like this when Ahmadinejad spoke at Columbia in 2007.

UStream by a protester outside of the event

The Aftermath

There are unconfirmed reports that arrests were made at the event at NYU. One source claims that a few of those arrested were supporters of McInnes.

McInnes took to twitter to report he was pepper sprayed. He also threatened to sue the NY Post.

Milo Yiannopoulos responds to his event in California being shut down on Tucker Carlson.