Anti-Trump Troll William LeGate Deletes Twitter Account Due to Leaked Nipple Picture – Updated

UPDATE: The picture of LeGate’s nipples that circulated have been photoshopped to appear larger


William LeGate, a tech entrepreneur who gained notoriety for being one of the top repliers to Trump’s tweets, has recently deleted his account following a trolling campaign where people kept posting a picture of him featuring abnormally big nipples. (Possibly PhotoShopped)

LeGate taught himself computer programming at the age of 13, and was awarded a Thiel Fellowship by Paypal co-founder Peter Thiel at the age of 18. But what he is probably known for most is spamming Trump’s twitter timeline with tons of replies.

A very notable recurring theme with Trump’s twitter is that his timeline is usually being spammed by verified users. Whenever Trump makes a tweet, the top reply is almost always a verified user spamming a whole paragraph worth of tweet to the president, which are always pushed to the top by the algorithm.

And among them William LeGate was the most infamous. A notorious Anti-Trump troll who not only engages in spamming Trump’s twitter but has also a history of targeted harassment, posting phone numbers and trying to get people fired. But this time he got the short end of the stick.

Trump supporters found a rather unflattering picture of him without a shirt, exposing his humongous salamis to the world. After trolls found this picture they decides to spam him with it under the hashtag #Nipplegate or #NippLeGate for the pun lovers.

However this quickly went out of hand with William LeGate mass blocking people, deleting hundreds of tweets and posting his personal phone number as username. Even his parents asked not to get involved with this and denounced his behavior.
And eventually this led to him deleting his twitter.

Whether he stays off twitter or comes back eventually it seems that this is one less replier Trump never had to worry about.

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