“Another F&*%ing White Male”: Trump Picks Brett Kavanaugh for #SCOTUS Nominee. #SCOTUSPick "We WILL replace you." Twitter accounts vow to demographically and legally take the country from white, Christian, males.

The Catholic, Brett Kavanaugh, meets with Pope John Paul II. Image source: Nationalist Review


Many were waiting on edge this evening to hear President Trump’s nomination to the Supreme Court.

The hashtag #SCOTUSPick had been trending all day and popular conservative radio and TV host, Laura Ingraham, had said early in the afternoon, “This is like the Super Bowl for me.”

Trump’s announcement came at 9 PM Eastern Standard Time. His nominee, Brett Kavanaugh is a 53-year-old graduate of Yale Law School. Besides being highly qualified, having worked on the Ken Starr investigation of the Clintons as well as working for the George W. Bush administration, Kavanaugh also happens to be a heterosexual, white, male, Catholic, conservative.

Twitter immediately lit up.

Sarah had a hunch that the new nominee might suddenly be accused of racism now that he’s been set within popular gaze.


Roy Steele, a “queer activist,” wrote that we “didn’t need” someone like Kavanaugh, who Steele describes as being like America’s founding fathers.

Jonathan Peters, who writes for CNN, Wired, the Atlantic, among others, sarcastically Tweeted out a message intended to convey that Kavanaugh was less interesting, special or somehow less worthy because his race, religion and gender aligned with previous justices.

According to Justin D., we are all enjoying cisgendered, heterosexual, white, Christian privilege at this nomination.

Justin’s Tweet was so outrageous, presumably because many people understand that America was founded and built by white, Christians and that they do still eek out a small majority in our nation, that it prompted Tom to ask if Justin was a parody account. (It seems the account is sincere.)

Amy Higer got a little bolder. She noted that Kavanaugh is a white, Christian, male but in a Tweet alluding to the rapid decline of this population, she vowed, “We will replace you.”

Many accounts simply degraded into shouting “racist.” The only evidence for Kavanaugh’s supposed racism seems to be the color of his skin.






And finally, I dare you to try and say this Tweet five times fast. It’s the new Peter Pepper Picked a Pack of Pickled Peppers.

Surely many more outrageous claims will be made against Kavanaugh in the coming weeks. Comment below and tell us what you think they will say next and, as always, New Central Media will be here to bring you the latest.