A Concise Guide To Brexit

The UK’s EU referendum is coming up this Thursday. Commonly known as ‘Brexit’, the people of Great Britain and Northern Ireland will, for the first time in 40 years, have a chance to voice their opinion on whether the UK should remain a member of the European Union. Facts and figures have been prevalent throughout the campaign, however not as prevalent as fear.

The Prime Minister David Cameron, (who supports Remain) called the referendum in late February. Him and the rest of the establishment thought they’d win the referendum comfortably and go back to domestic politics by September. This idea was understandable, the Remain campaign had a 25 point lead over the Leave campaign and David Cameron had the full resources of the UK government at his disposal.

Debate after debate took place and Leave looked to be improving on their initial position. Polls were sporadic, some showing a narrow lead for Leave, others show a dead heat but most reliable polls showed Remain ahead. The only thing that wasn’t sporadic was the tactics and strategy of the Remain campaign. “The leader of ISIS would want Britain to leave the EU”, “the only world leader who wants Brexit is Putin”, “World War 3 could happen if Britain isn’t in a political union with Europe”. Quite frankly, the British people are sick and tired of having the listen to the country’s leader so openly dismiss our country are a world player. It should be that our elected leader stands up for us both domestically and internationally but all that Cameron has said for the last 4 months has been negative and pessimistic in nature.

The leave campaign, on the other hand, have for the most part been hopeful and optimistic. They’ve talked about how we can prosper outside of the EU and stand on our own two feet on the world stage. They’ve made millions of ordinary Brits feel proud to be British once again. They’ve truly shown what a referendum campaign should look like, a strong message that is backed up by reason, fact and logic. They treat the British people like people instead of sheep.

As the referendum nears its pinnacle, there are many that have made up their minds on which way to vote, the polls suggest it’s going to be very close. So to the undecided I’d like to say surely it’s best that Great Britain has control over its own affairs, surely it’s best if we trade globally instead of focusing on this one declining continent and surely we should send a message to the world that when we’re met with an option of hope or fear, we choose hope and we fear nothing.

Sebastian is a British citizen from Surrey. He’s a member of the United Kingdom Independence Party in Britain. Sebastian has been very involved in the ‘Brexit’ campaign in Britain, has delivered
speeches and taken part in debates in his home county and in London. Seb’s expertise lies in
the field of British politics and Economics.

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