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The Left Is Mad At Hillary’s Pro-TPP, Pro-Wall Street Pick

Bloomberg – If Hillary Clinton is looking to show the Democratic Party’s liberal wing that she’s ready to be tough on Wall Street as president, her choice of running mate may not help much. In selecting Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia over progressive favorites such as Senators Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts or Sherrod Brown of […]

The Patriarchy Show Episode #10 Pt 1 “Mexicans Hate Bam Bam Bigelow”

The new show format will now be shorter episodes but released twice a week on Saturday and Wednesday. Ian & Sal discuss why Sal’s Mexican employees hated Bam Bam Bigelow. They get into the DNC Email leak by Wikileaks. Hillary Clinton has a running mate and it was the safe choice. Wild Goose a known […]

The Reasons You Should Support Hillary Clinton

The Euro is Doomed to Fail

The Euro is doomed to fail. The Euro has, for some time now, been shown to be a failure. The Euro crisis is a direct effect of shared currency and shared credit ratings, allowing countries like Greece to borrow until they could borrow no more because of the misconception that if Greece defaulted then Germany […]

Cruz not in Control as Texas Delegates Grill Him

Cleveland (CNN)- Ted Cruz vigorously defended his decision not to stand by a pledge to endorse the Republican presidential nominee in a remarkable 25-minute back-and-forth with his own constituents, withstanding an all-out beg from Texas Republicans to put the party above his inhibitions and back Donald Trump. “That pledge was not a blanket commitment that […]

I’m Sick of Tweeting #StopIslam

When I heard what happened in Nice I assumed it was a horrific accident. As I sat in the office killing time I decided to read up a bit about what happened. As soon as I saw the word “terrorism” I knew it was a Muslim. Now of course regressive left twitter was already spouting […]

Did Ted Cruz Try to Pull a Fast One at the RNC?

Ted Cruz gave a prepared speech at the RNC. Did he promise to change-up the speech right before he spoke? I am unsure because Newt Gingrich had to go off prompter to do damage control. What was on Gingrich’s teleprompter reportedly was this: Good thing Newt was nimble enough not to just read this off […]

Cruz in The Spotlight

Ted Cruz is a courageous conservative and he deserves much more respect than he’s receiving right now. He never promised to endorse Trump at the convention and I think he did what he intended to do. I believe Ted Cruz was disrespected by our great GOP delegates on the RNC floor. He delivered a fantastic […]

My Thoughts on Milo’s Twitter Suspension

Controversial writer, speaker, and internet personality Milo Yiannopoulos has been banned from Twitter as of Tuesday evening. Can any of us really say we’re surprised? The exceedingly liberal team at twitter has been dreaming of this day since the contentious gay conservative first started to rise. Personally, this has been a lot for me to […]

Gay Conservative Icon Milo Yiannopoulos Banned From Twitter

Milo Yiannopoulos the Breitbart Tech editor, provocateur and pusher of boundaries seems to have crossed that invisible magic line according to Twitter’s suspension policies. Breitbart, the conservative news organization he works for, had this to say in an article by Ben Kew: The justification for the suspension is currently unknown, although it could be as […]

Two Names On Clinton’s VP Shortlist

It seems as if Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and Sen. Timothy M. Kaine of Virginia are the top two contenders for Hillary Clinton’s Vice Presidential running mate. According to the Washington Post, search has been conducted among a very small group of Clinton intimates in deep secrecy, even as some aspects were on full and […]

Trump Is Official GOP Nominee

Donald Trump officially became the Republican Party’s nominee on Tuesday after a roll call vote. Trump reached the threshold of 1,237 delegates shortly after 7 p.m. Eastern time, with votes cast by delegates from his home state of New York. Trump’s winning votes were cast by his son, Donald Trump Jr, who spoke for the […]

Others Have Borrowed From Speeches

In a situation where Hillary Clinton could use her famous line, “what difference does it make,” the mainstream media is making a big deal of Mrs. Trump’s speech. Here are a few speeches listed at Breitbart that the media failed to manufacture anger about in the passed. Breitbart- Barack Obama: “Don’t tell me words don’t […]

Arian Foster To The Dolphins

Former Texans running back Arian Foster has signed a one year deal with the Miami Dolphins worth $1.5 million dollars with up to $3.5 million in incentives. “They’re a young team, a hungry team,” Foster said after the Dolphins officially announced the signing. “[They have] a lot of talent on both sides of the ball. […]

MPs have overwhelmingly voted in favour of renewing the Trident nuclear deterrent

MPs have overwhelmingly voted in favour of renewing the Trident nuclear deterrent. Some 472 members supported the Government’s motion, while 117 voted against – a majority of 355. The cost of replacing four ageing Vanguard submarines which carry the Trident ballistic missiles has been estimated at £31bn over 30 years – with £10bn set aside […]

Trident Nuclear Deterrence

With the Trident Nuclear deterrence being voted on in Parliament on the 18th of this month it’s worth asking ourselves why we have a weapon which will never be used and costs us a fortune. Couldn’t that fortune be used to help the poor or cut the deficit? What are our priorities? That is, of […]

Three Cops Killed, Four Wouded In Baton Rouge

BATON ROUGE, La. – At least three police officers were killed and several officers wounded in a shootout in Baton Rouge, reports CBS affiliate WAFB. Police responded to a report of officers shot at a location on Airline Highway near Old Hammond Highway around 9 a.m., WAFB reports. Baton Rouge police are still processing the […]