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The Patriarchy Show Ep. 22 “The Greatest Christmas Song” w/ Guest Justin Martin

The Patriarchy Show Ep. 22 “The Greatest Christmas Song” w/ Guest Justin Martin Ian & Sal discuss the recent victory for the American workers, is the left losing and islamic terrorism. Justin Martin of “The Justin Martin Show” joins us for a theological discussion about Christianity and Western Civilization. We touch on atheism and the […]

Trump helps Carrier to keep Jobs in the US. Obama Keeps Fighting to Save His Legacy

One thousand Hoosier jobs have been saved. One thousand Hoosier men and women will be able to provide for their families for the foreseeable future, and it is all thanks to the hard work and dedication of President-elect Trump, and Vice President-elect Pence. When Carrier originally announced that it was abandoning Hoosiers in favor of […]


No Echo TV – Episode 7 – Commercials

No Echo TV – Episode 7 – Commercials The No Echo TV crew discuss commercials on TV, their bias, and how they relate to the alt-right

Palin Considered For Veterans Affairs Secretary

The Hill- Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) is under consideration to serve as the secretary of Veterans Affairs in Donald Trump’s administration, ABC News reported Wednesday. A Palin aide told ABC News that Palin told Trump transition officials in recent days that she feels “as though the megaphone I have been provided can be […]

Another Terror Attack, Another Lesson Unlearned

After an attack at Ohio State University began on Monday, leftist publications and politicians started preparing their anti-gun rhetoric and think pieces. Tweets about senseless gun violence abounded and #guncontrol was trending. Then the facts started rolling in. After driving into a crowd the suspect started attacking people with a knife, not a gun. He […]

Jill Stein’s Grand and Questionable Crusade For Three State Recount

Green Party presidential candidate, Dr. Jill Stein, has recently started a massive voter recount in three of the states key to Donald J. Trump’s victory during this year’s presidential election: Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Such a recount effort can not be carried out, however, without massive funding, far more funding that Ms. Stein could possibly […]

Trump and Romney Dine Together with Humble Pie Served to the Latter

With the “cabinet race” between former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani,former presidential candidate and businessman Mitt Romney, and ex-CIA director David Petraeus coming to a head, it seems that Giuliani and Romney are really the only two candidates the president-elect is seriously considering. With Giuliani being the clear favorite between the three, it was only […]

“The factionalism ends today” says new UK Independence Party leader Paul Nuttall

Paul Nuttall was elected new UK Independence Party leader with the biggest mandate ever recorded in any of the party’s leadership elections, receiving a huge 62.6% of the vote, defeating Suzanne Evans and John Rees-Evans. It was always likely that Mr Nuttall, 39, would replace Nigel Farage as Party Leader from when he stated his […]

On This #GivingTuesday Check out The Heart of A Marine Foundation

I have mentioned my friend Phil only a couple of times on my show and at the end of every episode you will hear me read a spot for The Heart of A Marine Foundation. The Heart of A Marine Foundation was started by my friend’s parents Georgette and Roy Frank. My friend is Marine […]

Unopopular Popularity – Episode 002

Unpopular Popularity – Episode 002 BlackSportsOnline joins the show, #UnpopularPopularity, after calling Andrew out on Twitter, to have an actual debate rather than a Twitter debate. Also, Kelvin Leo Gravely Jr. joined Andrew and John as our new co-host. As the resident liberal he adds a “Hannity & Colmes” feel to the show. We discuss the new documentary on […]

NMC Endorses JRE

The future of UKIP hangs by a thread as tomorrow the leader of UKIP will be announced. There are three candidates but only two choices. There’s the choice between those who’ve been endlessly undermining Farage and belittling his position as leader and a choice of true democracy. John Rees-Evans represents the values that made most […]

#Pizzagate, It’s Far More Disconcerting Than It Sounds.

#Pizzagate, It’s Far More Disconcerting Than It Sounds. Everything started with the discovery of a series of pedophile code words during the Weiner/Podesta email scandal, including “Hotdog” = boy, “Pizza” = little girl, “Ice Cream” = Male Prostitute, “Map” = semen, and “sauce” = orgy, all of which were slang phrases known to be used […]

Vlog Rant – Bryden Proctor – Don’t Burn The Place Down

Vlog Rant – Don’t Burn The Place Down BRB (Bryden goes on vacation and off the grid until Dec. 8th) For more of Right to Bryden visit his show page here

Unpopular Popularity LIVE!

Unpopular Popularity You’ve heard him talk politics on The Andrew Powell Show, and now he’s here with his own political radio show on New Media Central! Andrew and New Media Central’s John Stutsman present ‘Unpopular Popularity’!   EPISODE 002 BlackSportsOnline will be on #UnpopularPopularity tonight after calling me out on Twitter to have an actual […]

Socialism – The Gift That Keeps on Taking

Fidel Castro, former Prime Minister and President of Cuba, died yesterday at age 90. He was the revolutionary Marxist-Leninist leader that fought for the whole Cuban nation and took the country out of poverty and into… more poverty. Castro was one of the last leaders left that managed to manipulate millions of his fellow countrymen […]

Larsen Reviews: By The Sword

Today is a movie for all of us who are aristocrats of the soul: 1991’s By the Sword, a movie that managed the dubious feat of making less in the box office then my yearly income. Yes, the show “Fist Flicks” is reviewing this film entirely about sword fighting. Shut up. If you liked the video, […]

Right To Bryden – Too Many Twitter Nazis w/ Ethan Ralph

Too Many Twitter Nazis w/Ethan Ralph Bryden is still butthurt about his twitter suspension, the libs think Richard Spencer created Pepe & CNN got told where to stick it.